Onaway Speedway has relaxed the rules in this division to increase car count for the 2016 season. This will be run as an ABC division. Cars will be run against cars with like times. If you have further questions please contact Mike at 231-818-3320. 

All cars will be required to have a race tracking transponder, if you do not own one, there are some for rent at the track. 



  • -Factory production uni-body/ Factory stock full frame/ Full tube chassis

  • Minimum wheelbase is 102 inches

  • Body must appear as stock as possible. No flat panels or late model appearance, no laid back noses and tails must match the roof and nose 

  • Maximum width is 82 inches


  • Four post roll cage of good construction

  • 4 door bars on left side , 3 door bars on right side

  • Left side cage must have a steel plate, 1/8 inch minimum extending from front upright to rear upright, from top door bar to frame rail.. welded on

  • Steering shaft must have a minimum of 2 u-joints or have a collapsable steering column

  • Roll bar padding on any within reach of the driver

Must weigh 3200 lbs with driver in full race gear. Added weight may be placed at track officials discretion. Max of 55.0% left and 50.0% rear.


May be tube, welded to frame, and covered with aftermarket stock replacement nose piece.


Bracing bars may extend forward or rearward through firewalls for safety purposes only and welded to back of bumpers and frame. Interior must be gutted completely. Front and rear firewalls must be completely covered with sheet metal. Approved racing seat only - with appropriate tubular framing and securely mounted to roll cage; must be mounted in stock location - 3" in front of rear door opening. Must have standard firewall and floor board .Tunneling or boxing of interior ok.



Must have four wheel brakes in good working order.

Transmission And Rear End

Any stock manual or automatic transmission with working reverse and one forward gear. Stock four link is ok, three link is ok, quick change, Ford 9 inch is ok.

Wheels & Tires

Steel wheels only - 8" maximum. Wide 5 Hubs are ok. Racing-type wheels allowed. All wheels must be reinforced. 1" Hex lug nuts are mandatory. Car will be deemed unsafe if more than one stud is broken off. Any treaded tire.


Tubular upper arms are allowed. Screw jacks allowed. Coil over shocks allowed. Must be fully contained with no external components, lines, canisters, etc. 

Fire Extinguisher

2 1/2 lb. dry chemical fire extinguisher mandatory - with gauge, charged, and located within easy reach of driver, securely mounted (no tape). 

Fuel Cell 

Racing fuel cell is mandatory, stock gas tank not allowed. Tank is not to be lower than the frame rails and must be securely fastened and framed in.


Production style cast iron block with cast Iron heads. No aluminum heads. Wet sump with internal oil pump only, no dry sump engines. Any intake with any single 2bbl or 4bbl carburetor. Engine set back to be measured at ball joint centerline closest to forward most spark plug. Engines in the 2.01 to 4 inch range must carry an extra 25#, 4.01 inches and up not allowed to run. No Magneto ignitions. 



Must have loop - must be constructed of at least 1/4"x2" steel and should be mounted no more than 6" back from front of drive shaft. 1/4" chain, or larger, can be used in place of steel strap. Drive shaft must be painted white or a florescent color.


Max Dimensions of 6.5 inches x 60 inches and centered on the rear deck. Supports must be lower than spoiler.


Mandatory - must be 85 snell or better.

Racing suit


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